The 80s band, Loverboy said it best, we’re all “working for the weekend”… especially in those summer months.

Friday afternoon rolls around and slowly, the office population dwindles. More than likely you – and everyone else – will be getting a head start to the lake, mountains or beach to spend time with family and friends.

Help your company build employee loyalty with purposeful gifts that are perfect for those summer adventures. The new Weekend Collection is packed with everything you need to say, “thank you” and encourage your employees to come back to work Monday morning feeling recognized and refreshed.

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Two favorite summer pastimes: chillin’ and grillin’.
Planning a company picnic? Looking for fun client gifts? Dive into the Chillin’ & Grillin’ Collection for a fresh mix of promotional merchandise that will keep your brand top of mind all summer long.

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It’s summer and that means it’s time for all sorts of events – festivals, charitable activities, summer outings – events that are perfect opportunities for corporate sponsorship and branding.

Keep your event planning and logistics simple by working with SwervePoint. We will combine the elements of product, packaging, and promotion to create an impactful event-goer kit that will connect your brand with people where work and life are happening.

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