Refresh Your Workspace For Fall

Give yourself a productivity boost and your brand a style upgrade with fresh new merchandise for your workspace.

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Project Give Back: Give a gift you feel good about giving.

Take your purchase one step further by partnering with brands that give something back to the world around them. This month we give you MiiR, a brand that we are proud to work with and think you will be too.

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2017 Summer Collections

The 80s band, Loverboy said it best, we’re all “working for the weekend”… especially in those summer months. Friday afternoon rolls around and slowly, the office population dwindles. More than likely you – and everyone else – will be getting a head start to the lake, mountains or beach to spend time with family and […]

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Social media is omnipresent.

As consumers, we are all subject to the ever-present and ever-growing giant that is social media. One minute you’re eating a candy bar and the next, you’re entering into the hashtag sweepstakes on its wrapper. One hour you’re online shopping for new shoes and the next, you’re prompted with shoe ads on your Instagram feed. No matter the circumstance, social media […]

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Drive social impact this spring.

It’s no secret that driving social impact is vital to running a socially responsible brand. Not only does it bring positive change to your community, but engaging in charitable activities offers numerous benefits to your brand and employees as well. In a report from Project ROI, it was found that corporate responsibility can reduce a company’s staff turnover rate […]

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Be Social This Spring

Golf. The new social activity. Much like the word, “social” has undergone a bit of an identity change in recent years, the game of golf is beginning to change as well. With trends like Top Golf and nine-hole tournaments popping up, we’re seeing a deviation from the time-consuming 18-holes and a gravitation toward a shorter, more social activity. We’re not suggesting […]

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Staying Connected

It’s no secret that the ever-changing trends in technology make it difficult for brands to connect with their audience on a relevant level these days… by the time you figure out one trend, society is already on to the next. With the Go-Go-Gadget Collection you no longer need to worry about staying on top of tech trends, because we’ll […]

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There’s no slowing this trend down.

Recently earning its spot in the Merriam Webster Dictionary due to its increased popularity, the term “athleisure” has not only saturated trends in retail, but it has also made a major breakthrough in corporate apparel. The brand-ability, versatility and wear-ability make these items a perfect vehicle for your brand. So, the next time you’re planning […]

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All new gizmos and gadgets galore.

We affectionately refer to them as “gizmos for trade shows” but these fresh products pack a big punch and can be used for all sorts of projects. SwervePoint is a full-service merchandise agency and we’re here to help develop fresh merchandise and ideas that fit a range of budgets, client types, and projects; including campus […]

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Business travel in style.

For those who travel the world to connect with its people for business or leisure, we’ve handpicked a collection of merchandise that addresses every travel need with style, comfort and functionality. View the Collection | Start a Project  

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