We provide promotional merchandise and services to help awesome brands connect with people where work and life happen.

Business life has more background noise than ever.
To rise above it means understanding that work and life happen simultaneously and knowing that in every decision we make, human emotion always comes first.

Promotional merchandise to us is product placement in the real world. This makes merchandise extremely effective at reaching an individual on a personal and emotional level, and connecting your brand with them wherever their work and life are happening.

What We Do

SwervePoint is a team of designers, merchandisers, marketers, account managers and e-commerce experts who work together to deliver an amazing customer and brand experience.

We work with our clients to develop:

Custom Products

Created for you by us.


Incentive trip gifts, amenities and awards.

Experience Shops

On-site gratification.


Identity apparel with style and substance.


B2B e-commerce is our domain.

Our Clients

Our clients describe us as fresh, nimble, creative and focused on providing amazing customer service.

We work with Meeting and Event Planners, Human Resources, Procurement, Production, Marketing, and Promotions Managers on projects such as:

  • lead generation incentives
  • gifts with purchase
  • social responsibility programs
  • training and education kits
  • employee engagement and awards programs
  • community service kits
  • employee health & wellness
  • internal organizational communication programs
  • sustainability programs
  • sales incentives
  • tradeshow and event programs
  • e-commerce programs
  • new product launch promotions

why SwervePoint?

We are an enterprise solution for awesome brands.

Nobody else combines the merchandising insight, creative execution, and e-commerce expertise with the depth of client service capabilities on a global scale to the extent we do.

Our expertise in retail merchandising, technology, quality certification, supplier diversity and global fulfillment make SwervePoint a unique partner.

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