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Welcome to Fresh

Here’s what we’re talking about:

The PEEK Collection 2018

Since 2014, we’ve resolved to present you with the freshest merchandise as close to the New Year as possible. Show season has begun and our merchandising team has been logging the miles up and down the aisles to find the finds.

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Say Hello to the New StyleShop!

We’ve updated the site with some new features and functionality. The new design will make it easier for you to find your inspiration and use it to engage employees, influence consumers and activate brands.

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Brand Spotlight: New Era

We are pleased to present New Era Apparel. In 1934, New Era’s first Major League Baseball (MLB) caps were produced for the Cleveland Indians.

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The Art Of Gifting for 2017

This holiday season let’s show each other a little love and respect. AOG 2017 is here.

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Fashionably Seasonable.

Make way for something new… the Fashionably Seasonable Collection – Fall 2017 is here.

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Bigger, Fresher, Better.

BDA Acquires SwervePoint for Hyper-growth: We’re energized to bring BDA’s scale and expertise to our clients, so they can do more connecting and more commerce with their customers through the power of merchandise.

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Refresh Your Workspace For Fall

Give yourself a productivity boost and your brand a style upgrade with fresh new merchandise for your workspace.

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Project Give Back: Give a gift you feel good about giving.

Take your purchase one step further by partnering with brands that give something back to the world around them. This month we give you MiiR, a brand that we are proud to work with and think you will be too.

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2017 Summer Collections

The 80s band, Loverboy said it best, we’re all “working for the weekend”… especially in those summer months. Friday afternoon rolls around and slowly, the office population dwindles. More than likely you – and everyone else – will be getting a head start to the lake, mountains or beach to spend time with family and […]

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